A student of Yoga Bhajan discovered in 1983 in some old yogic scriptures the special woven pattern. A necklace based on the old pictures was made and Yogi Bhajan recognized immediately the geometric pattern and called it “tantric necklace”.

He told us that its distinctive, 8-part pattern has been worn by yogic masters for thousands of years to enhance the power of their meditations. It was his prayer that these necklaces would be made available as a tool for collective higher consciousness and spiritual awakening.

The 416 gemstones of each tantric Necklace are arranged in a specific geometric pattern. The shapes found in the necklace relate to the ruling planets of astrology, the five elements of Chinese philosophy, the 8 limbs of ash-tang yoga and the 16 qualities of Vedic Avatars. Due to its unique design, a tantric necklace is a conduit for tantric energy. This energy is a unique, unseen flow that travels diagonally, similarly to a "Z".

Wearing this tool around the central energy channel of the human body, the spine, strengthens the energy flow, activates the chakras and the hormone producing glands in the brain. 

Woman as well as men can wear a tantric necklace as an energetic piece of jewelry as well as a support for their spiritual practice. 

A tantric necklace is more

than a piece of jewelry

It enhances your radiance and intuition; your endless potential appears and your aura is strengthened and protected. A strong aura attracts naturally positive energy. We profit from the beautiful necklace because its frequency intertwines with our magnetic field, our aura. 

Blessed by the Mahan Tantric Yoga Bhajan, it is a powerful tool to deepen our meditation practice.

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