“These Tantric Necklaces are blessed,

and will bring happiness, love, and grace

to all who wear them."

- Yogi Bhajan

By creating the tantric necklace with its magic pattern, the aspects blood, body and joints are also implemented.

  • Blood is the essence of the necklace that you will find in the very small beads running all through the necklace.

  • The body are the beads that bring more of a grounding and balancing quality.

  • The joints stand for the transformative and flexible aspects of the gemstone combination.

A tantric necklace is a living piece of jewelry. When you give it a task or purpose, it will start working and releasing energy out of your body. If the necklace releases energy, beads may crack or one of the loops may break. This may disappoint you, but it is a very good sign! It is said that when a tantric necklace breaks it is because it has served its purpose or even protected you from mishaps and negativity.

Approach the different themes and variations intuitively. Your heart will guide you to your perfect Tantric Necklace.

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