In 1968 Yogi Bhajan, master of Kundalini Yoga brought the ancient and secret teachings of Kundalini Yoga to the US. 

Until his death in 2004 it was his wish not only to teach students, but to create teachers. Today we have to treasure of a couple of thousand exercise sets and meditations at our disposal.


By practicing Kundalini Yoga  our life force gets activated and can circle through our body.

A yoga class always includes a set of physical exercises (asanas), breath techniques (pranayama), meditation and mantra. 

Sound creates vibration in our body, and this vibration reaches each cell and nerve.

The Kundalini mantras are used specifically to calm and balance our brainwaves and meridians.


The effect of Kundalini Yoga is fast and lasting. We are strengthening our nervous system, balancing our hormonal system, our core and we work on a flexible spine. Furthermore we promote serenity, trust and intuition. 


Kundalini Yoga is an experience, I invite you on a journey to yourself!

Do you have any questions? Are you interested in a private class or workshop?  

Please contact me!

Sat nam

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